Saturday, February 6, 2010

What I bought today…

Its been a while since I posted what I have hoarded. :) I went to Watsons today and can’t help but to buy cosmetics again…


Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow/liner in Pearl – I used to own ELF white eyeliner but the quality sucks it doesn't even glide properly in one coating so I opted not to use it. I don't really spend much on eye make up and I can stick to cheaper but safe prods. This product can also be used as eye shadow base. How cool is that? It might be a great alternative to NYX white eyeshadow stick. I hope so.

ELF Duo Eye Shadow – The main reason why I went to Watsons is that I really want to buy the Mineral Eye Shadow Primer which apparently is not available or the counter doesn't really have it at the moment. Sucks so I decided to buy this cream shadow instead. It promises a creaseless finish. I really hope so. I cant wait to try it cause the peachy color really compliments my skin when I tried it.


Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation– This is pretty cheap for a foundation! Well…I will be road testing this product on my face and will risk my skin on a possibility of a BAD breakout (SHHH) but I really think I need a liquid foundation as a base to my VMV powder foundation. For long lasting and smooth finish. I perspire A LOT and the humidity of this country is really unforgiving so I choose this product so that it will be lighter on my skin. My Laura Mercier Silk Foundation is too heavy for the tropical climate thus it made me an oil mine and gave me a few zits also. BTW, Maybelline Liquid foundation promises an OIL FREE, NO FRAGRANCE foundation which I totally dig. I hope my skin will dig it too. Will try it immediately tomorrow. Oh gosh, crossing my fingers.

For other products (Nailpolish and Baby Wipes)– I dont have the exact figures of the prices :) I bought the goldish one for the Chinese New Year. I’ll be trying out the “tiger fur” nails inspired by Pursebuzz.


Recently like listening to KPOP lately which is totally amusing me cause I’ve been a total anti KPOP listener since (I forgot when) hahaha. But I guess familiarity breeds likeness and this group of girls really made my eyes and ears fly.


Wow just look how pretty those legs are. I am really jealous x_x Their song, “Genie” is really catchy and I cant help but to hum and dance with it. Anyway, while watching their live version of Genie, I was really caught up with a very eyebrow raising camera focus:

snsd And do they really have to focus on the crotch? 0_0 Well just saying hahaha.

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  1. I'm planning to buy Maybelline Foundation. I hope it will work on you well. Do a more detailed reivew about it afterwards.



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