Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All about SKIN and Isotretinoin Update (Version 2)

sb10069042f-001 I’ll probably name this entry, Healthy Options Haul or What I bought today but anyway I am keeping my blog organized and decided to name it under my Isotretinoin journey. (LINK 1) (LINK 2) I hope you can follow thru.

Last week or so, I went to my derm with my usual “every two weeks Diamond Peeling” but unfortunately my skin was not doing well cause I was really breaking out and my face is so oiler than before. My Derm cannot perform the DP cause she needs to fix my zits first so she gave me a glycolic peel which really made me sad. :( Cause that means I am back again treating those red dots again. Major zits in the forehead. I can only pin point the following reasons of my breakout:

#1. I have been going in and out of the SUN lately – AT THE most dangerous time: 2PM-4PM. That’s almost everyday.

#2. Since I am going out, I put MAKE UP. (Maybelline Mineral Foundation and VMV Illuminants for the face, CS Palette for the eyes, VMV and Revlon blushes on the cheeks) Pretty sounds like they are NOT harmful, am I right? But my face enjoys a no make up life since last year cause I stay at home all the time and do some freelancing thing.

#3. I use Shine Moist Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated hair. And I let my hair be treated with Shine Moist Henna Wax (Clear. The one w/no color) once in every three days. This is to protect my beautiful blonde highlights. I add this as another factor cause I also have zits in my scalp particularly in the hairline and just below the neck. I think my skin really dislikes Shine Moist products.

#4 I have allowed myself to eat junk food and red meat ever since I started going out almost everyday.

#5 Sleeping late = stress. >.<

  Fortunately, my back is clear and I can still wear those summer clothing's. BUT yeah the face. ugh its a mess.

It gets really frustrating when you can’t do anything with your zits. Its not as severe as before but damn, they are noticeable and my Mom and my Grandmom ---SHE even noticeeed my red dots! who is by the way just had a cataract surgery. Ugh major esteem failure. My hormones been acting up again as well as my oil glands. They’re producing much greater oil than before. I am in my 10th month off Acnetrex so I am rethinking of taking it again. Sp I honestly asked my derm:

Me: Do you think, in my case, I need to take Accutane.

Derm: Honestly, No.

I was quite surprised that she hesitated. This Derm is not the one who prescribed my Acnetrex before. Unfortunately due to location constraints, I decided to change derm. Back to the conversation, my Derm said that its probably psychological – my frustration towards my face. LOL its the first time I heard that but well anyway she thinks that we need to wait at least a year to retake the drug again. After all, Acnetrex does not promises a zit free life. It really depends on my oil glands should they have decided to give me a peace of mind – forever.

We both decided to fix the problem by changing my regimen. She gave me Isotrex Gel (Isotretinion in tropical form) I ditched the Retinoic Acid and replaced this instead at night. She also asked me to replace my Cetaphil cleanser to Cetaphil for Oily Skin (which I didn’t buy cause I don't think Cetaphil in any form works lol) She also asked me  to buy Avene Anti Shine Toner (costs PHP 1,8++K) applied every morning BUT again, I didn't buy cause I dont think its practical plus it has Salicylic Acid (I’ve had history of allergic reaction to SA)

Let me say that my Anti Paraben Self has been shut down for quite some time now. Maybe because I had finally enjoyed a little acne free life – in a very short time. Thus the reason why I became lenient with my products again. I am bringing that meticulous self back again in order to save this $$$$ face. (LOL literally if I can only count my treatments since 18 y/o)


PS: NOT LISTING THE PRICES at the moment. Cause it makes me so stressful heheh~

DSC06660 DSC06642 DSC06643 DSC06654

Main Cleanser: Avalon Organics CoQ10


  • Phytoextract Lightening Serum (I got from Derm)
  • Armada in SPF 60 as Sunblock
  • Drinking 1 tab of Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid


  • Isotrex Gel (Apply thinly all over face)
  • Phytoextract Lightening Serum (after 10 mins)

Body Soap: Ysa Papaya

Shampoo: Citreshine in Color Prism (Been using this before for years and my skin and hair liked it so I am switching back)

Conditioner: Shine Moist (in the hair tips in very small amount and rinsing it well)

Toothpaste: Sensodyne in Gentle Whitening



  • I used Avalon Organics CoQ10 gel foaming cleanser tonight and surely I loved it. My skin instantly becomes matte and no oiliness! Hurrah! Lets see during the daytime if its really good.
  • I bought L - Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid  only for its Anti Oxidant properties. Actually I am quite new with herbal supplements so I am just road testing the effectivity of taking Anti Oxidants in my face.
  • I bought Alba SPF +30 Sunblock for outdoor uses. Just for the Body
  • I upped my Daytime Face Sunblock from SPF 15 to 60 because its El – Nino. Plus, I dont think my skin likes my Spring Oil Free Moisturizer anymore.

 DSC06641 DSC06661


  • Its my first time to use YSA Papaya Soap. I really don't know why I bought this again cause I’ve had bad reactions to papaya soaps before AND i feel a bit itchy on my legs right now after using. I don't know if I should continue? *itch*
  • Sensodyne Gentle Whitening? Hmm just like the reason why I bought Papaya soap. Well, we all want to brighten up our teeth right? Road testing this now and we will see if it really works. I took a photo of my teeth already which I will not really post here haha.

Hopefully, all these efforts will really help clear my face. Together with Pilates, I am really looking forward to this new regimen. I should buy another powder foundation though. BUT I decided to buy Clinique and switching away from VMV Illuminants from now on. I’ll just finish the remaining.


I will update you once my skin improves.




  1. any new updates? did the glutathione supplement and ALA help?

  2. Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates as my life is pretty busy right now. :) Anyway, NOPE didnt continue with the Glutathione and ALA. I think they are only just placebo drugs. It doesnt really target the skin. I only used it for a month though and wouldnt like to buy again.

  3. where did you bought the phyto extract lightening serum? is it effective for you? I got one from my derma too. how much did you bought it?

  4. Hello :) I bought the phyto extract from my derma. From my experience, it lightens my scars instantly. Not really dramatic though but it generally improved my pigmentation. :) I bought it around PHP 1500 I guess...

  5. If ever you still have your acne I recommend you to try Skin B5 capsules. It helped me a lot when I still have my breakouts.

  6. ^I saw the ingredients of the capsules and it has Zinc...Zinc broke me out if I remember...hmmm....

  7. hi! where is your derm clinic where you bought your phytoextract serum? coz i bougth mine at very expensive price... tnx



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