Monday, December 14, 2009

[Beauty on a Budget] Olive Oil and Egg Mask for Hair

82839960 I'm having a bad hair yesterday and my hair is obviously crying out for a treatment. I still have my Shine Moist Henna Wax with me but after trying it for the third time, I think my skin already said stop cause it has been reacting badly with it. (ring: breakouts and itchiness in the scalp)

My skin and hair is begging for an organic hot oil treatment.

That's the time I headed to the grocery store to buy Olive Oil.

This is not the first time I have used Olive Oil for my hair. Its actually a life saver for me few years ago because I, on a very unfortunate event of my life had experience lice. Yes you've read that right, head lice. Got it from using the comb of my infected niece. That was acutally a worst time because they really itch and they are creepy and not to mention the embarrasment from people. Well over the counter products didnt help me at all UNTIL I found Olive Oil and it saved me from these creepy crawlers.

So we move on, shall we?

83908900 Olive oil is moisturizing and the benefits are impressive. I shall not be redundant with the benefits because Google will help you do that but overall, the Vitamin E you receive from consuming and applying Olive Oil is a wonderful hair and skin remedy.

Egg is rich in protein which our hair greatly needs. Especially for girls experiencing hair falls. It is equally as good as Olive oil when moisturizing the hair. The yolk is where the protein is.

Both of these adds volume, shine and manageability. Here are the steps in making a homemade hot oil treatment AKA Olive Oil and Egg Hair Mask




1. Mix 2 Eggs and 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil in a cup. (I unfortunately used one cause thought it wasn’t enough but I was wrong. My hair is really thick!)

2. Optional: Add a pinch of cinnamon (lol I dont know why I put it but I read it somewhere that its also good haha)

3. Apply into damp hair. (Almost 75% dry) and massage into the scalp.
4. Wear a turban, or a towel to protect it from dripping.

5. Let it rest for 15 mins. Do your chores, do your oDesk job to be preoccupied.

YPE_066 6. Optional: Wash it with 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in half liter of water.
7. Wash again with a light shampoo. Don’t massage thoroughly as it will wash away the moisture from the mask. 
8. Your choice to Blow Dry or Air Dry. Natural is better, imho.

The results?

It's a saved one from being dry, limp and unmanageable hair. It feels light and bouncy. The strands look thick and coated making it shiny.

The Apple Cider Vinegar is essential because I left the mask for an hour and the acid in apple cider will help it wash away the mixture. The funny part is, I noticed a cooked egg white in one part of my strands ahaha. No worries cause it was washed away after shampooing. Apple Cider Vinegar is conditioning too and gives a shine into the hair.

It didn’t smell. Remember, the ingredients will smell only if you put too much.

Definitely will try this again! :)


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