Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[Haul] Maybelline Foundation + Blush + Color changing lip balm


My eyes caught the attention of these products. :) Was not intended to buy the foundation but heck, my Shiseido powder is already running out plus I think its time for me to change it. I was not opting for an expensive product that day because Im in a tighter budget recently but was thinking of a powder foundation in at least a reputable brand. Oh btw, the only product that really caught my attention is the Blush! The other products followed after lol.


Powder Foundation in Nude Beige – Perfect for my color!


Fresh Coral – Just the right blush for my cheeks! I LOVE IT!


The color really changed in an instant. Gives a faint hue of red in my lips. I LOVE IT!


Tried everything yesterday and the result? I feel like a sweet girl. haha. Because the colors matches my skin tone. I really recommend this to a typical Filipina with a kayumanggi tone. It really compliments the skin. This whole set is good for high school students or those who are still practicing make up. It will not make your face overdone. It actually enhances your skin tone. :)

And to add the sweetness of my make up, I bought a nailpolish that compliments my Make up of the day:


with flash, natural indoor lighting, natural outdoor lighting. I SUPER LOVE IT! its so pale but still pinkish! Btw, the last one has almost with 3 coats of Cutex:


I used the left side which is Apricot. I bought the two just in case Im in the mood for another color – next time.


Very satisfied with my loot this week! :)


  1. The cutex on your tips are soooo nice. I want to get one of those.

  2. ^thanks for the comment Rae. I love it too. It looks like a fragile china in my nails. :)

  3. I wanna get the color changing lip balm! ^__^
    thanks for this helpful review..

  4. ^its very nice! I'm still using it up until now :)

  5. great haul!!is that a lip balm? I have been looking for some good lip balms but I didn't find anything good LOL.

  6. @katherine yes that's a lipbalm and its a colour changing lipbalm :)



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