Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Radio Frequency for Acne Scarring

82853635Yesterday, I had my 50% Diamond Peeling + 10% Glycolic Peeling + Radio Frequency in 5 grade.

What is that again? Radio Frequency? Honestly, I don’t know either. Actually, I just tried it and since we have a very good Dr and Patient relationship, I followed and trusted my Derm.

My Derm says, RF will make my face firmer, makes more collagen formation which helps the youthfulness of the skin. But compared to Laser Resurfacing, RF is more only in the surface level only. But it can lasts for weeks until the collagen formation is done/completed (help with the terminologies please? lol)

Anyway here is the procedure:.

1. Removed make up.

2. Diamond Peeling (A bit fast) Don’t know the grade..

3. Glycolic Peeling (Very fast so it wont sting) My face stings a bit but its still tolerable (my face is so experienced already lol)

4. Pricking. Especially the blackheads in the forehead and some bumps in the chin.

5. RF! Now this is the procedure of the RF:

  • Put some cream (this cream is a bit warm when put on the skin) again tolerable.
  • RF massage. Yes its like a massage roller. After quite a few minutes like 1 or 2, the massage roller becomes warm. Again tolerable and relaxing somehow. Derm started first in the forehead, then in left cheek then the right and the chin.


My face is definitely tighter and lifted. I like it! Thumbs up

If we compare it to Laser Resurfacing, this one is a bit milder, immediate effect, less downtime (laser resurfacing has some shedding of the skin), and this one is cheaper.

My conclusion is, if you are in a tighter budget, this is okay to try! It will still give you the glow and youthfulness that you wanted.

Btw, I still havent continued my Fraxel Re:Fine (Laser Resurfacing). Im thinking of Fraxel Re: Store next time but Im still saving for that one first.

Note: the technology used in the machine is Ultrasound RF Bipolar Technology in One System. Its originally used in Fat Reduction, Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Facial Sculpting and Reducing Acne Breakouts. So hurrah for less active zits. :)

Price is PHP 2,800 for the face only but for the whole body, its different and much expensive. I had it for discount together with the Diamond Peeling and Glycolic. All in 3,400. Its nice to have a wonderful Derm :)

Maintenance: DCL Peptide Serum (around PHP 2,400) Roadtesting this one first…


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