Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Odesk] Very wonderful Buyer!

Im officially back in oDesk and also got myself verified recently. I didn’t now that even as a contractor, you also need to verify your identity. A bit worrisome at first but oDesk will always be special in my heart because it saved me a lot of money and time as well so the heck with the worry, I sent a scanned copy of my passport, utility bill and photo. After a few hours, I received a news that Im verified. So prompt! Anyway, good news afterwards, I became more hirable. I received invitations after applying to several job openings. Two at the same time. I guess becoming verified will show how serious I am in my freelancing career. Very good move for me!

First Buyer: Asking me to create a Powerpoint presentation of him (Hourly rate)

Second Buyer: Asking me to research several websites, list their twitter followers, tweets, and all other social media requirements. To be sent via spreadsheet. (Fixed Price)

Two of these I got last May 24. And now I am done with the tasks especially with the second buyer.

I just want to tell a story regarding my very wonderful second buyer, she is really famous in Youtube. She hid her name but I know that its her based from the sample spreadsheet that she gave. I'm so thrilled to work with her because I found out that I recently subscribed to her Youtube. Her videos are inspirational by the way. So excited to work with her. Even though the work is a bit tiring and repetitive, I still tried to do my best and today I finished the work.

By the way, she is also very understanding that I only work during PH time. She even says have a good rest during the night. How sweet of her!


So glad I found her! Just look at how very satisfied we are at each other. I really believe in destiny, yes even if its not in the romantic sense. I believe in work destiny! This employer an I are meant to be workmates lol!

Anyway she told me she loved the job and even if she doesn’t have any work to give me right now, she would love to contact me again in the future. She even asked for my permission to recommend me to her folks! (Of course, ATE! LOL)

That’s actually a 100% boost of morale over there because of this buyer. Thumbs up

Anyway, the second buyer has yet to respond to my work but even with this one, he liked my work saying these:


Totally loving working at home. Rainbow



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