Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Odesk] Buyer asking a lot of work with a bid of $5 only!

Well its been a while! Hello Odesk for me. And my come back title doesn’t sound like Im a happy kid lol.

History: Its been a year since I started working again with oDesk. I have sent some cover letters before but I wasn’t too serious at all thus ended up not replying to interested buyers. Everything has changed today!

So a few hours ago, I decided to do some ‘raket’ because I want some chachings again lol. I am totally unemployed again right now as SG has been quite hard with me this past few months….(cries about the long story)

Anyway, I was very lucky that three buyers responded immediately with my application. I was totally ecstatic when one hired me right on the spot. Ecstatic and afraid at the same time.


You see I only bid for $5 for fixed price but upon constant messaging, this buyer is asking a lot of things which is not totally acceptable for the agreed price of $5.

Imagine: Buyer is asking for number of specific tweets/ per day and per month. I need to categorize it as well if the tweets are RTs, @replies and original post! Imagine how grueling that is. Then I found out that there is no free app for me to generate that. Major bummer. And I need that within an hour?? KMN?! 5 dollars and an hour only?!

The ad is a bit vague but I still decided to apply cause I am into the challenge. I mean after all, we will still exchange messages before he can totally hire me right? Wrong. He hired me immediately!

Cause of that I am once again reunited with oDesk help ticket. (READ: Major suki ako niyan noon lol) Cause whenever I don’t feel right about the assignment, I just click the help ticket and ask for advise. Here’s what I found out:

I would suggest that you get in touch with your employer to get all details possible and then decide if you will continue or not….Whoever ends the contract is required to leave a feedback. If nothing is paid though feedback is given its not visible in public…Your feedback score wont be affected. (Hay salamat.)

By that, I decided not to continue anymore with the Buyer. I do not trust the conversation already (because he gives little instructions as well. He also doesn’t seem to be happy that I am hesitant. The contract hasn’t ended yet though. Im still thinking whether Ill give him the right to end it or I would just rather do it myself.

This buyer is a good catch, (has good feedback, and paid a lot already. Unfortunately we didn’t click) Nice. Sounds like we are in a relationship lol.


Now, Im off to the next buyer..


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