Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair Rebond

93908350Also see this post: (Hair Rebond last 2009)
Okay this will be my fifth hair rebond since 2006. I forgot to post my fourth rebond last year due to major busy-ness of my life at that time heeh~

History of my hair:

Dec 2009: Had medium blonde highlights (I remember I was depressed thus I visited the salon and needed a ‘’change’’)
March 2010: Decided to make the highlights more prominent. Actually my hair was in lowlights. (More blonde than black hair)
May 2010: Had hair rebond (Tony and Jackey), Two weeks after, I went again to the same salon and asked them to color my whole hair to blonde (result disastrous looking for an Asian!) On the same day I had blonde hair, I begged another salon (Vivere Salon) to color my hair back to natural color) Yess…that day was really too much for my hair.
August 2010: Colored my hair with Liese Platinum Blonde
December 2010: Colored my hair with Revlon Medium Blonde
March 2011: Colored again my hair with Revlon Medium Blonde
And now May 2011: Loreal Matrix Hair Rebond (Jesi Mendez Salon)

Result Pictures:

Decided to keep a long, less layered hair. Wanting to have a hair until pass bra length. Like that of Jinkee Paquiao? hahaha.
The whole rebonding process lasted for two hours only (Hairstylist told me that since my hair is previously colored already, the length of time will lessened)
I also had cellophane (Loreal Diacolor Richesse after and this took another two hours plus with Matrix Biolage (Hair Treatment)
Overall, I am very satisfied with my hair. :) Btw, the hairstylist commended my hair prior to rebond. He told me that my hair strands are still thick despite hair coloring? Wanna know why? I never fail to use hair treatments in my weekly shower. Sometimes, I even use it daily (as needed)

Maintenance Products:

I bought Citre Shine Colour Prism and Ah Glow Keratin Conditioner (as seen in the second pic (middle product in the photo)

When to shampoo hair? Normally after two days or a day (esp if the scalp becomes really oily)
Till then, xoxo
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  1. Ok lang ba if you have thin hair and you have it rebonded? Kasi parang hesitant ako mag pa rebond because of this.

  2. ^I think its okay but better yet, go to a reputable salon wherein they will assess if your hair can withstand the rebonding treatment. Usually pag virgin hair mas matagal ang rebonding.



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