Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Laser Resurfacing Dilemma: To Fraxel of To Pixel?

73452617Today I was suppose to be scheduled for a Fraxel (Re:Fine) here in the province from our local dermatologist but the receptionist SMSed me and said the derm had an emergency. Maaaaan my energy dropped. I was already prepared for the procedure >.< Anyway, what is Fraxel? It is suppose to help me with my acne scars (due to my unfortunate purging history during my Isotretinoin course last 2008) I have been thinking about it since then because my frontal face is okay but the scars in my jawline and side cheeks are horrible (um as researched, my scars are like rolling or boxed scars? Image: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_KEdP6BYiIcM/TGdVgQ4Hk1I/AAAAAAAAAEY/x3q1AZ_9dkA/s400/typesofscars.jpg) At first, I thought of settling first with diamond peeling because I cannot afford Fraxel at that time (Costs about 15K in Dr. Jonathan Yu’s clinic in Glorietta) When I went to Singapore and was breaking out again, the doctor also advised me of Fractional Laser for my scars. I am not sure what type of Fraxel they use though. It was much expensive in Singapore as it costs a whooping 900 SGD (Almost 30K) So as soon as I came back here in the PH for a vacation, I also set my mind to go with this procedure because its much affordable here. Unfortunately, Dr Jonathan’s clinic is too far in my place. So I researched and fortunately found a practitioner here in our province.  I researched the name of the derm and apparently they are recognized from the Fraxel website. Interesting. They are only using Fraxel Re:Fine. I am not sure if it will help with my scars really well because I know that Fraxel Re:store is for acne scars which is Dr Jonathan Yu is using.

Learn more about Fraxel Re:Fine here: http://www.fraxel.com/Fraxel-Refine-Technology/

Which Fraxel is right for you? http://www.fraxel.com/Comparing-Fraxel-Treatments/

Anyway, here are what I have learned from my researches:

  1. Non Ablative Lasers (Shorter downtime): Fraxel Re:Fine (mildest), Fraxel Re:Store (moderate)
  2. Ablative Lasers (Longer downtime): Pixel (cheaper than Fraxel non ablative lasers), Fraxel Re:Pair (stronger than the two non ablative Fraxels but with great effects)

Laser Resurfacing, if not done by certified plastic surgeons can cause hyperpigmentation especially to darker skin.


I am still at lost on what to choose. But I am desperate to fix this scarring. Having a face without zits is liberating but having a face with acne scars is disfiguring.

Need to do this now as I am flying already to Singaproe by the 20th. \o.o/

I will let you know tomorrow! Fingers crossed


  1. That's a wonderful information you have shared with us after researching so much about Fraxel. It is always best to choose a reputed clinic and thoroughly go through all the procedures and learn about side effects before we get into the actual fraxel. Every technology has pros and cons.. it depends on our skin type too...

  2. Fraxel Repair :)

  3. Hi sis I sent you an email , I hope you can help me out....thanks ada



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