Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smokey Eyes/ “It Girl’’ Look


Today, Ive got nothing much to do as usual heh. So I tried this tutorial: from NikkiTutorials. I subscribed to her recently and got interested with her videos because she is bubbly and have pretty eyes. Actually I really like her eyes. I wish I have her eyes but well its impossible as I am Asian heh~


I almost gave up on smokey eyes because whenever I do it, I look like a panda/ tired girl/ trashy hooker. Its so hard to blend the color brown in my eyes. But I was inspired to try it out again because of NikkiTutorials. Was it because its an ‘’It Girl’ look that interests me? I think most likely. lol.

Materials I used:


For obvious reasons, I didn’t follow everything that NikkiTutorials instructed because we don’t have the same eye type. I think I am quite a hooded type and hers is almond. But I patterned the look with hers.




I took a picture of it in natural light but the picture washed out the color. But in person, the look definitely is gorgeous. I loved it! My grandmother saw me and she didn’t like it though. LOL what do you expect, its her first time to see her grand daughter with an eyemake up like that. She said, I look like a vampire haha. Conservative much!

Now if I can only pose just like Kim Kardashian, then my look is totally complete. haha. not. :)xoxo


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  2. you have hooded eyes? that's my problem too! I wish I could've seen a photo of your eyes. I also am currently watching eye makeup tutorials after an epic fail that happened to me just recently in an event. Kaya I want to learn to do my own eye makeup din to avoid disaster. Kakablog ko lang about it actually. hehehe. I hope you can share some tips since I have hooded eye lids too.

  3. Hi Goldie, that is actually my eyes that you see in the picture. :) I am part hooded and part with heavy lids because whenever i put eyeliner in the upper lash line, it always leaves a deposit on my upper lid. i am still in the process of learning on which make up technique suits my eyes. for now i can say, practice is still my best advise lol btw, have you considered putting an eyelid tape? it will open your eyes more in my opinion. :)



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