Monday, January 3, 2011

[Reviews] Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque + La Roche Posay Hydraphase Masque + Dr Bronners Magic Soap in Lavender

Happy New Year girls! Martini glassParty smile To start of the year 2011, here’s a new review for my blog! Yey! Just kidding


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

DSC00757In my previous entry, I reviewed the other Queen Helene Product which is the Mud Masque. Because I didn’t experience any adverse reactions to it, I decided to buy the Mint Julep immediately. Little trivia: The main reason why I choose Mud Masque first is because my skin has been so sensitive lately. It just suddenly stings when I apply products. Probably due to change of weather and some products that I use as well. So I think if I buy and test the Mint Julep first than the Mud Masque, it will only trigger the sensitivity of my skin as it has sulfur on it – which is a bit drying – dryness make my skin more sensitive. But anyway, I bought the product already and I used it sparingly.

How I used it: I tested it only on my forehead. Because my forehead has some active bumps on it. I also applied on the sides of my cheeks. Waited for 15 mins then removed it with washcloth. Yes it smelled a bit like a toothpaste (as most forumers describe it) but its refreshing. I like it.  I felt a bit of a sting as well when applied it so a bit caution there. Good thing I didn’t apply it on my whole face. Didn’t bother to take a photo of me with it because I really decided out of the blue to try it without thinking that I will blog it. lol. Tried this one yesterday btw.


La Roche Posay Hydraphase Masque


I got this for free when I bought my Physiological cleanser. The lady from Wastons in Tiong Bahru Singapore was kind enough to give me 2 free sachets of mask to try on. I am already halfway done with the cleanser but still wasn’t able to try this freebie until tonight. Cant say this is a sample. Weird as I cannot find this product in their website…

This is a bluish creamy leave on masque. Made especially for dehydrated skin as it is highly concentrated with LRP Thermal Spring Water treatment. So I tried this today and the instruction says: Leave it for 10 mins and wipe off excess but in my case I didn’t wipe off. I just massaged lightly until I see the cream getting a transparent consistency. Afterwhich, I just pat a tissue off and used it as a blotting stuff for the shine. Yes, it left a shine on my face after using but surprisingly, I like what I see in the mirror. It doesn’t look like Im an oil mine. It fulfills its promise of suppleness and softness. Cant wait to wake up tomorrow and see the results of letting the masque stay overnight! :)


Dr Bronners Magic Soap in Lavender


Bought this accidentally while buying My QH Mint Julep Masque. Because according to the lady sales assistant of Healthy Options, I need to have at least PHP 1000 in order to get the PHP 50 voucher. I don’t know what convinced me but I obeyed immediately. Sometimes you do things which makes you rethink later on lol. So when I took this bottle, I thought its like an oil cleanser but was surprised when I tried it at home --- It foams! That means, it needs to be washed by water.

The smell reminds me of Dessert Essence’s Thoroughly Clean Face Wash which I used before. (When I was all so freaked out about Parabens and all LOLLL) When I used Dessert Essence before, I completely raved about it and then all of a sudden after finishing two bottles, I decided to call it quits. Reason? I thought the wash is too drying on my face even though its organic. I didn’t like the feeling that my face looks stretched and dull cause of dryness. This is also one of the reasons why I am a bit careful with Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap. It claims to have 18 in 1 uses but apparently I still cant find over Google the complete 18 uses lol. But I used this together when I tested the Mint Julep. It really cleanses and yes it’s a bit drying in my opinion. I still used this one today together with the LRP Hydraphase Masque. I accidentally opened my eyes while washing and GOSH it stings my eyes like hell! So that’s a bit of a hint how strong the product is, even though its organic.



Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque | Verdict: StarStarStarStar  |    Recommended? Thumbs up Absolutely!  |  Price: Money PHP 329.00

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Masque | Verdict: StarStarStarStar  |    Recommended? Thumbs up Absolutely!  |  Price: Money got it free!

Dr Bronners Magic Soap in Lavender | Verdict: StarStarStar  |    Recommended? Thumbs up Just okay!  |  Price: Money PHP 250 roughly. forgot lool.



Till then. Skincare regimen next entry hopefully. :) Rainbow

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