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Products I currently use (Skincare, Make up, Haircare, Teethcare)

The following are the products that I currently use and are working effectively for me. When I say working it means, it doesn’t give me breakout, dandruff, rashes, eczema and other skin irritations. Please find time to check them out and try it if you got same skin as I am.

Beauty Statistics:

  • Skintype (Face): Combination skin. When the air is very dry, my skin becomes dry. When the air becomes humid, I become an oily skin.
  • Hair: Colored medium blonde hair by Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Haircolor, Medium Blonde 175. Semi – Long with medium layers.

Lets start with the products shall we? (*Picture heavy)



Basic Products that I use in my face. Generally I use LRP Physiological Cleansing Gel more often because it is mild but cleanses really well. I only use the Eucerin Dermo Purifying Scrub when I felt my pores are a bit blocked due to leftover foundation. I used Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap when I feel my face is a bit oily because this product is a bit drying.



Not really particular with soaps as long as its mild such as Dove. Spring Fresh Deodorant is ok to keep smelling fresh throughout the day. Dermaveen Intensive Hand Cream is essential for the fingertip Eczema. It has a Colloidal Oatmeal which is very moisturizing.



I am also particular with my hair because I believe this will help me lessen the salon visits. Don’t like to spend much on salons so I just spend in the at home treatments. I currently use Aussie Sun-Touched Shine Shampoo which my hair currently likes. I finished already the bottle of Tsubaki Shining but I still took photo of it because I still plan to buy this after I finish thew Aussie shampoo. Actually, I still prefer Tsubaki products as my everyday maintenance. For my every other day treatment, I use Kerasys Salon Care in Moringa Straightening Treatment. I bought this at Swenson’s (Singapore cheap beauty store) and I totally love this!!! The smell stays in my hair and I love it. It also leaves my hair smooth and shiny. About to finish the tube already and cant wait to try the other Kerasys product.

Face Indulgence:


Sometimes twice a week I use a mask. I formally used My Beauty Diary masks and it’s a good way to wrap up a tiring day. Now I have both Queen Helene’s masques which adds to my night routine.


TeethTeeth (2)

I currently use Dentiste and a soft bristled brush for my teeth. Soft bristled toothbrushes lessens the pressure in the gums.


Day and Night Face Routine:



So again I only use Dr Bronner’s when my skin feels oily. For #3, I pat it into my eyebags down to the sides of my nose until the corners of my mouth. Then I use whatever of the three sunblocks depending on the weather. If the weather is hot, I use Biore UV because of its matte finish. When the weather is cold and dry, I use Loreal UV Perfect because its moisturizing with tint. This goes the same with Armada. Although Armada gives white casts in the face so I don’t use it very often.



For #4, I use Clindagel for spot treament with active zits. Sometimes I use Adapalene when I felt the need to change from Clindagel. For #5, I either use Eucerin Dermo Purifying Crème Gel because it claims to target blemishes as well. I put it usually in the forehead where I often have acne popping. Due to my hair bangs probably? I use Olay Effects Night Moisturizer on the whole face. The smell of this product is a bit strong so I don’t really use it everynight.


When I am in the mood to primp and prettify these are the products that I play around in my face lol:


Face Essentials:

Face Foundation

I mix Lioele BBCream to the Silk Crème Foundation of Laura Mercier as my foundation using the Stippling Brush of Elf. I pat with Shu Uemura Powder foundation and then use Time Balm Concealer in blemished areas.

Eyes, Cheeks, Lips:


heavy#1 I use either Canmake Eyeshadow base of Elf Primer and Eye Sealer. I prefer Canmake Eyeshadow better because it lasts longer and it doesn’t leave deposits in the lids.

#2 For eyeshadow, I am not really particular as you can see I use Daiso/ Saizen’s Ellefar. But I am very careful with shimmer eyeshadows because I don’t like shimmers in my face, it makes me look like a hooker lol.

#3, I use Maybellines Gel Liner in Black and use the Ecotools liner brush to make a perfect line. When I am in the mood, I use a cream liner in Blue (cheap one I bought for $5 in Singapore) Sometimes when I am too lazy to use a brush, I just use a liquid liner from Majolica Majorca (see the gold and black stick, Got it for free!).

shimmer#4, I use ELF Eyebrow Kit, then set it with clear mascara from LA Colours. I use mascara from Lancome (A sample I got from work).

#5. These are my favorites but I am very careful not to overuse it because again I noticed that when I put too much cream cheek as a blush, it looks unsightly lol and cause my face becomes oily after 5 hours, the cream cheek blush creates ugly deposits in my pores.

lips#6 Elizabeth Arden lipbalm (Again I got it for free at work before yay!) I use it to moisturize my lips, after that I put Lioele Tinted balm. I play with Lip liners when I am in the mood. My favorite one is from Nyx in Orange. If I am in the mood, I use a false eyelash.

Everyday Make Up Essentials for only 5 Minutes:


Of course I do not always use make up that much but I only use these 5 steps.

eyesUsing your stippling brush, put Loreal UV Perfect as a liquid foundation/ Sunscreen on the cheeks then put Biore UV on your T-Zone (this is to avoid a shiny Tzone if you skin oxidizes quickly just like I am. Then brush on powder foundation lightly all over face. Line your eyes lightly using gel Liner. Make it thinly as possible. Use the tight lining method. Then put lightly a cream cheek blush on the apple of your cheeks then dab a powder blush to set it. Finish the make up with a lipbalm and a light lip tint. Groomed eyebrows can complete the look too. In this picture, I used the Eyebrow Kit by ELF. This is suitable if you opt for a fresh look make up.



Make Up Remover and some Essentials:


When removing mascara and waterproof make up around the eyes and lips, use an oil based remover such as the Biore Make Up Remover. Oil based make up removers does not create too much pressure around the eyes, preventing fine lines/ wrinkling of the skin.

Use wet tissues when removing foundation or you can go with your facial scrub to remove the make up further.


Hope I covered the products really well! Till then. xoxo.


  1. Wow! A lot of products!

    I use only safe and non-toxic make-up. Here is 1simple tip to check if your make is safe :

  2. That's a lot!
    can you please make a review on the ELF stipplish brush?


  3. Ooops sorry for the typo...
    I meant Stippling Brush...

  4. Super long post but I like it. It's good to see someone's beauty stash! :) May I know where you get your Tsubaki hair products and My Beauty Diary masks?

  5. @Justine Both I got in Singapore. I buy the Tsubaki hair prods in Swanston Chinatown (because they sell super cheap prods here) then the My Beauty Diary, I got it in Watsons Singapore. It only has 2 masks inside. :)

  6. Where do you get the BB cream and the ELF brush?

  7. ^Again, I bought the Liole BB Cream in SASA Singapore. Its just a sample size of the tube. ELF stippling brush, I got it in a flea market in Singapore as well. You can also buy it online, I believe. :)

  8. Hi! Where do you buy your Eucerin products? :) I've been looking for those for quite sometime now but to no avail.

  9. ^Eucerin products are available in Watsons SG and in MY. Unfortunately, its not yet available in the PH market...yet. :)

  10. Hi. Where did u get ur aussie shampoo in Singapore?

  11. ^Hi I didnt buy this shampoo in Singapore. What I often buy in Singapore is the Tsubaki shampoo. In my opinion, this is much better. :)

    Try visiting Beauty Language: They sell different types of shampoos/ nailpolishes/ perfumes/ make up/ treatment etc. Goodluck! :)

  12. Did u buy get aussie online? Cause I've tried many other shampoos, but none of them are good. I've heard pretty good reviews abt Aussie. So I'm looking for them.

  13. ^I bought this one in Marquee Mall in the Philippines and I dont usually buy products online. I tried Aussie and its a so-so product for me. It's a good alternative for your fave shampoo though.

  14. Okay thank you. :)

  15. Hi. Where can I buy kerasys here in the Philippines? Thanks.

  16. ^I dont think its available here in the Philippines.

  17. So informational, and useful! >Bookmarking< thnx so much ;]

  18. Where did you buy the Clindagel?


  19. ^It is prescribed by my dermatologist here in SG.

  20. Hi where can I get aussie shampoo on sg?

  21. Who is your dermatologist in Singapore who prescribed u clindagel



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