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[Reviews] Hair products: Dove S&C, Garnier S&C and Loreal Elseve Color Vive Protective Mask

200518825-001Remember my loot post few days ago? Well guess what? I am in a perfect mood to write a review. *hallelujah!* So here it goes. :)

Some notes:

I wash my hair at night. Yes only at night. I do not shampoo in the morning because based on my previous experiences, my hair betrays me during the day if I try to give it a shampoo wash so ever since then I just washed it with water. At night, I try to deep condition twice until thrice a week.


1. Dove Therapy Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner

I used this first among the three products. Both shampoo and conditioner I tested them on the same night. The smell is nice not revolting as expected with every Dove products because they claim to be mild. Its not fragrance free though but its still passable in my nostrils. After washing out and conditioning, my hair feels alright, soft to touch, overall it’s a likeable feeling which extends until the next morning. My hair is not greasy. The hair looks and feels fresh after a day. Although I am not that raving it.

Verdict: StarStarStarStar  |    Recommended? Thumbs up OK!  |  Price: Money PHP 185.00 (each)

2. Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Oh so here we are at the worst product. lol what an intro. Alright, after using Dove, I decided to try this one even though the reviews at Make Up Alley are revolting. As usual, I shampooed and conditioned at night. Has a fragrance but the nostrils again has a passable score for it. But the shampoo doesn’t lather that well. Maybe the SLS content is not that strong? (lol ok that’s a carcinogen accdg to cosmetics database) So I didn’t feel like my hair is thoroughly cleaned but anyway, I proceeded with the conditioner. The conditioner is alright again. First night and day with Garnier products: I gave it a passable score. I actually still liked my hair when I used it. So I decided to try it again for the second day. At this point, I wanted to use the shampoo together with the Loreal Elseve Hair Mask. So as usual, lathered the hair then proceeded with the 1-2 min hair mask. I will not put the verdict first but lets proceed with the next review…

3. Loreal Elseve Color Vive Protective Mask

104824529Here we go. So I put the Hair Mask for 1-2 mins. The smell of this product? REVOLTING. The nostrils couldn’t take it that much. It had a few sneezes all over. I still continued though. The sneezing continued until I dried my hair. Overall feeling? I think I liked it at first, I didn’t realize the effect until late this evening.

Around, mid afternoon, I feel like my scalp has been acting weird. I tend to touch it all the time. I think scratch is the term not touch. I still didn’t wash my hair though. But when evening came, I noticed that the itching worsened and I noticed some oil build up in my scalp. It left a deposit in my nails, imagine that. :o That’s when I finally thought, it should be either the Garnier prods or the Loreal Elseve. I feel like itching again as I type this. *scratch*

I definitely needed a deep cleansing after using those heavy products. Unfortunately I got no clarifying shampoo on hand. (PS. Clarifying Shampoos tend to be expensive :o) Good thing I researched and found out about baking soda to remove the gunk in the hair.

Here’s what I used: 2 tbsp of Baking Soda + 3 tbsp of Dove Shampoo. (My measures might be a lot though lol)


I used that forumula to clarify my hair. And truth to be told, my hair feels lighter right now as compared before. The itching has lessened and I am quite relieved with that.

Here’s more to add insult to injury, I noticed bumps in my hair and back and also in around my hairline!!!! Argh, after taking care of my skin for quite a long time….

Alright yeah so right now I have learned my lesson. I will probably need to rethink about these two products. They are quite expensive though and I do not want to throw them away that fast. But before that, I shall fix my greater concern first, the skin irritation! SO till then Loreal and Garnier, goodbye and goodluck.

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Verdict : StarStarStar  |    Recommended? Pointing up use it with caution!  |  Price: Money PHP 25.00 (for the small freebie bottle)

Loreal Elseve Color Vive Protective Mask

Verdict : StarStarWilted rose  |    Recommended? Pointing up if you are in for a challenge, then use it lol  |  Price: Money PHP 250.00


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