Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[Review] The Body Shop Shea Body Butter


This review is long overdue. I bought this product few weeks ago while searching for Aveeno in the mall. My skin has been scaling around my legs and it itches really badly. (An indication that it is not moisturized) Unfortunately for me, Aveeno is no longer available in the mall on where I have always buy it! T____T Was devastated at that time because I only trust Aveeno in my skin. I do not want to experiment on others because of my nasty history of allergy while testing a locally made lotion.

Until I suddenly remembered the advise of my Derm in Sg. ”Use Shea Butter for your Eczema’’. Boom! It came like a flash. Who else has Shea Butter except The Body Shop? I mean…they were the ones who popularized body butters in the PH back then it was first released. There you go, I bought this at around less than 700 as it was on Sale. Around 10% off I guess.

It is love at first smell. The moment I opened the container, I really was in heaven. It really smells good. I do not usually take any fragrances as you may noticed in my posts but to tell you honestly, this one blew it all. It just made me wish the smell stayed into me lol. Its like a Pheromone fragrance!

It is also love at first touch. Again, I do not really like lotions. I thought, if this smells good, this must be really sticky in the body but truth to be told, it is not! Well unless you put too much. I put enough to cover my scaling skin and about a couple of minutes, my skin is moisturized and greaseless! How could I not love this product?







 Verdict: StarStarStarStar Star |    Recommended? Thumbs up VERY MUCH!!!  |  Price: Money PHP 700.00 (less than this)

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  1. I have the Moringa Body Butter and it smells heaven too! Love The Body Shop so much ^__^



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