Sunday, February 6, 2011

[Review] Elf Stippling Brush


Long overdue post about this wonderful brush. Apologize for the delay. This has been requested by Hollie. Thanks sis! :)

Anyway, I bought this in one of the Flea markets in Singapore. Every other month, there is a retail sale ongoing and Singaporeans often call it Flea Market. The products may be second hand or they are still very new but it is priced in a lower rate. This will enable more people to buy in bulk.

Its like Supersale Bazaar in Rockwel but I believe they are priced reasonably and much more affordable. Plus there are really good finds! I once bought a very fashionable flowery dress for a dollar only which is only PHP 32!  I just love Flea Markets…íts the best way for a frugal girl to hang around.

DSC01868Back to the Stippling Brush, in that particular Flea Market that I went into, they had a variety of good quality make up brands in line at that time. Namely, NYX, ELF, MAC, and other products but in small quantity. Basically these three products are the prominent ones. I bought the NYX orange lipliner which is $8 (PHP 256) I featured it here: For the Swatch Picture:

This ELF Brush, I bought it for an affordable price but I forgot already the price lol. Probably SGD 5? Around that figure. Lets get to the point, these are the major things why I like this brush: The brush is sturdy. There are hair fallouts when you wash but it doesn’t shed. The white tip is soft in the face. The brush does not bleed when you wash it.

Lets test it shall we?


How to use it:

1. Put a significant amount of liquid foundation or BB cream in the back of your hand. Tap the brush using the stippling method. (constant tapping of the white tip of the brush. Do not extend the tapping up until the black hair)

2. Stipple it in the face. Make sure that your pores are evenly stippled with the liquid foundation/ BB cream.

3. After stippling, swirl the brush onto your face to even out the product in the skin.

4. In short, use the stipple and swirl method. More explanation of Enkore here:

I really like this brush, other than it is affordable, it also works well when it comes to blending the foundation to my face. I also use this to put my cream blush on and it also blends well. High fives to this product. My next lemming? ELF Kabuki brush.

Verdict: StarStarStarStarStar |    Recommended? Thumbs up YES!!!  |  Price: Money SGD 5.00 (forgot but will edit once researched lol)


  1. wow you already have your Elf stippling brush... I ordered online and I think it will arrive here in Phils. sometime aroung May... waaaa it's soo long. Thanks for the review, I hope I'll get my hands on this soon.

  2. I love ELF's foundation brush. Have to try this one too.

  3. Its locally available na.. Check my blog sis ;)



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