Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Laundry in winter

I woke up today as usual around 6:15am. Hubby left for work and I immediately did the laundry. I have this habit of getting things done early before I start procrastinating. The thing is we dont own a laundry dryer (and we will never get one because its exp!) thus we have to go to the coin laundry shop to dry our clothes. This shop is about 13mins walk from home which is really tiring. Last time, I asked the husband to do it but he ended up getting cranky after lol. Know why? 13 mins walk going to the shop + carrying about 5kg or so of laundry + waiting 30 mins for it to dry + 13mins walk again to home. Lol..and the hubby is quite allergic to any household work..

Anyway, Im writing this as I am waiting for the clothes to dry.

Oh before that, I already did the washing at home c/o our washing machine to save cost and time. So while waiting at home for the washing, I quickly finished the 3rd to the last episode of the US drama, The Event. This is me and my hubby's current addiction. We are so addicted that as soon as he comes home from work, he asks me to play the DVD already lol. Its so sweet of him to watch it together with me. I heard of its bad ratings in the US but I dont know - I find it intellectually challenging.

And also, I started the movie: Lost in Translation. Yeah, this is quite old lol but tbh I havent watched this one yet. I have heard of this before but I thought it was all about aliens hahaha. Omg I was shocked when I saw it the cover in the DVD rental shop. Wait a minute? That's Japan! Hahah imagine my surprised face.

I am not sure where I was when that movie came out and why in the hell I didnt know or watched it lol

I am halfway already to the movie and I couldnt stop laughing with Bob Harris' character. And somehow relate to feeling Scarlett lol 😆

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