Friday, November 28, 2014

Fish and Diet update

The fish turned out really nice. I fried 4 fishes so me and hubs have 2 each. I have to be honest...I wasnt able to finish the 2nd fish. I know its tasty but I keep in thinking of its Its still successful and my hubs said, its nice but he commented more positively about the fruit salad I

About my diet plan. Im happy to say that as of yesterday, I lose 1kg already and .5 inch of stomach fat lol. No kidding. Its really about cutting down meals. Most especially rice. I realized that rice is making me so bloated. Ughhh why rice...i love rice so much esp Japanese rice but anyway, discipline discipline. I am not so disciplined when it comes to eating in between meals I eat chocolate cream crackers 😅 but Ive been cutting down on milk teas and chocolate plus chips. These are my majot weakness. When I was browsing in Kappabashi ytd, omg I completely lost myself with the chocolate area. Hmmm but I still controlled and ate marie biscuit instead. Lol...

Today, my hubby is going home late from work at around 9:30pm probably. I already prepared cordon bleau yesterday for our dinner. I will just steam it later before he arrives.


Ps. This is the practice leche flan that I made for hubs 3 days ago. The consistency needs improvement but he loves it so much. 😆

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