Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cooking Fish

In my pursuit of eating well, I decided to have fish for me and my hubs' dinner. I already pre empted him yesterday that its going to be fish night today. He agreed. Hmm lets see.

Actually, there are only 2 fishes that I eat. Bangus and Tilapia. Both I havent seen in supermarkets here...but I chanced upon this  Tilapia looking yesterday. I thought, why not try this. After all, I eat unknown fishes if its deeply yeah yeah fried is not healthy but for a change, we need to eat fish. This fish is also cheap - about 198 yen or two cans of juice in a vendo.

When I put salt in it, I can already smell it...I had about 40% repulsion. So, I thought why not put lemon so it will mask the smell and I did. I marinated that for an hour and then coated it with flour so it will fry properly. It looks successful...but the smell in our small room is everywhere. Omg.

I smelled the newly fried fish. I dont know if its yummy for but Im gonna try. Back in Sg, my brother punish me like an elementary student for not eating fish. My gosh. What can I do? My taste buds dont agree with most fishes...

Here are the pictures. I am not sure if its Tilapia or Dalagang bukid. It looks pink in raw...i prepared a salsa (tomato, celery, onion and black pepper) alongside.

Btw, this is the first time I cooked fish for the hubby. We usually have pork, beef or chicken and sometimes shrimp for a meal. Waiting for hubby now before eating this. Goodluck...

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