Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fast Internet today YAY~~

Every 1st of the month, my pocket wifi gets really generous of me and gives me fast as in fast and the furious type of internet speed. So fast that my brain wanted to take advantage of everything I missed!!

Today is Saturday and my ex bf turned husband is out at work but will be going home early and usually weekends is our couple time so I usually prepare to be girly and stuffs but since its also 1st of the month, I feel like my time is so limited...I wanted to download every Japanese subbed dramas I missed and to watch all my fave youtube gurus at the same time. Omg but but I have to prepare to go out and it takes me at least 1.5hrs to to that..gosh 1.5hrs internet time wasted if I prepare and another couple of hours if I leave. It is going to be back to normal on the 2nd day of the month...sad.

By the way, I am typing this using laptop which is very unusual for my pocket wifi. Yes, I can only use the internet at my phone. 

This morning, I have watched three episodes of two dramas already.

1. First Class - Episode 1
2. Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu - Episodes 1 - 2. Episode 3 is not yet subbed. :0

I was watching First Class episode 2 but then I realized that I need to pay my Starhub bill. I couldnt open the darn page for the longest this is my time. I took the chance to change my residential address in my POSB bank. So, when I needed them to send me a new atm card, they can send it over here in my hubs residence.

What else, what else...Okay I cooked Chahan or Chinese Fried Rice for my brunch. Now I feel hungry..

Time to go now and go back watching drama for 1.5hrs and then Im ready to prepare. :)

PS. I really hope I will have a speedy internet soon...

, Cecily

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