Friday, November 14, 2014

What made me happy today

I'll start to make this a regular. Its similar to "10 things you need to know today" segment of some popular websites. Except, I wont put a number to it. You'll never know how life surprises you...

1. Seeing my husband in his long sleeved polo and dark gray slacks for his work attire. He look so kakkoi (cool in Japanese) 😍

2. Early morning FB conversation with my good friend Beta about our former co-worker's lovelife. We thought, she looks so glowing recently and she has never been like that with her ex of many years lol and her new beau is arab looking like Yilmaz Bektas of Ruffa G. which turned our conversation into dot dot lol 😰

3. Adobo breakfast. 👅

4. Thinking about our free American buffet last night.

5. Friday! And hubby doesnt have work tomorrow. 😄

Ps. The flower was given by hubs 2 days ago and its still making me happy. 😄

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