Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Diet Plan

I never expect I will one day write this topic: Diet Plan. I thought acne is my only concern in life lol but as I age (or let say, as I get wiser) - my body has become more difficult to maintain a fat free belly and a firm tighs and biceps. 😳 Im not obese, I just have the "busog" look belly haha. 😂

My Mom is quite plump (lol..) so, you see I have that plump gene...but I grew up very fit as a child. And my relatives know me as someone who maintains her weight really well. Well not until I went to Sg! (Why everything happened in Sg?) Lol. I was 25 when I had difficulty losing weight. I did running at night and gym till I was 26 and quickly regained back my figure.

But I met the ex bf turned husband and I forgot about keeping the weight. I went to Japan and everything is tasty. Next thing I know, I hear familar faces telling me, "you gained weight" or "a bit fat looks good on you" 😒

It looks good before but now! Omg I never imagined myself not being able to wear some of my clothes that I always wear in SG! Sucks...and I feel really heavy now as in. When me and my hubby cuddles, he plays with my tummy and tells me that before it used to be a pancake. Now, its Kuaina's burger. 🙈 *this is his fave burger joint in Tokyo.

And whats alarming is...I have had 2 episodes of nightmare this month. I think this is due to the 10pm heavy dinner with the hubs and the high salt, high fat content of our food! 😱😱😱😱

In short. Its because of my food intake. In short. Ang takaw ko lang. 😂😭🙆🙌

☝👉👉👉The Diet Plan.👈👈👈☝

I dont claim to be diligent but I will try to keep this for two weeks and see if I can survive.

1. Im following Korina's tips here 😅 especially using fist as my meal guide. I dont follow the no carb though. I need rice in my daily energy...but I will cut down on bread. 😟

2. I have my Up band and I will need to track 10k steps everyday at least through walking. I hate exercising in this cold weather but walking -I better not be lazy!

I forgot to track my steps recently and its asking me to take 5k steps today. 5k is so easy.  Naks hehe.

3. Fancl supplement. - this is pending...im apprehensive with anything oral if I have pregnancy scare every month. Btw, I am not yet pregnant and period came a 3 days after my last entry lol 😅

Thats it for now.  Im keeping it simple so I wont feel it very difficult to learn as a habit.

Good luck 🙏

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